Refund Policy

Return/Refund Policy:

A) In the event that an unlock code can not be calculated and is returned "Not Found" a full refund will be   issued. If ordered under account, refund is automatic.

B) Once your IMEI is submitted, your order cannot be changed or canceled. Not refunds for wrong information or incorrect IMEI, model, MEP, Carrier, Provider, PRD, KBH etc.

C) On rare occasions, the unlock CODE is produced but is not accepted by the cellular device. In the event that this occurs the buyer must notify the seller within 7 days of receipt. Additional information will be requested from the buyer in order to verify why the code was not accepted by the cellular device.


The additional information includes Video proof and the requirements are as follows;

1)The video must be continuous 

2)The video must show the IMEI screen 

3)The video must show unlock code being entered into the phone and error message after code was entered. 


Refunds will not be given if;

1) The IMEI # provided was incorrect and a code was produced

2) Video proof of the not accepted code claim is not produced

3) Buyer does not notify seller of not accepted code claim within 7 days

4) The phone is Hard-Locked with 0 left attempts or freeze, is refurbished

5) The retrieval of the unlock code exceeded our average delivery time

6) The unlock service was purchased from another vendor while we process

7) The device was successfully unlocked but is not compatible with the carrier 

8) The device was successfully unlocked but internet or wifi is not functioning 

9) Incorrect MEID or ESN, MEP, CARRIER, MODEL, PRD, KBH is submitted