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"Next Thether" it should say: Latin America Service.

If on "next to Thether" it does not says Latin America Services, do not order!

This only for When imei Finder tell you the Next tether Latin America Service

for example:

Unlock code :  IMEI: 013xxxxxxxxxxx
Part Description: IPHONE 5 16GB BLACK
Product Version: 
Coverage Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Coverage End Date: 11/02/14
First Unbrick Date: 
Last Unbrick Date: 
Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Latin America Service.
Lock Status: Locked

Latin America Service will unlock any phone that specifies "Next Tether: Latin America Service" when ordering a report with "iPhone GSX Full Check". There is no Refund if you place an order on this service without checking first with iPhone GSX Check if it's supported
Delivery Time :